There is a lot of impactful work to be done, and directly working on some of the world's most pressing problems is likely the most impactful way you could improve the world for the better. As such, we have provided here three ways to get your career started down this path; and remember, if you're unsure where to start, please try coming to our open office hours or schedule a meeting with us. 


EA Opportunities Board

The EA Opportunities Board is the go-to location for finding effective internships, part-time jobs, research, and other opportunities for students to help build their skills. This is where we would suggest that you start your search for effectively altruistic career opportunities.


80,000 Hours

80k hours provides guides and 1-on-1 advising to support students and recent graduates switch into high-impact careers. These guides and their advice also guide a lot of our programming and are in general a super useful resource. They also provide a job board with full-time and frequently late-career job opportunities (not included on the opportunities board). Although most students won't be in a position to apply for the jobs on this site, it can still be useful to look at to get a sense of potential careers & future options.

80,000 HoursEffective Thesis 

Effective Thesis provides free coaching and guidance to students, from undergraduate to PhD level, who want to begin research careers that significantly improve the world. They also have an early-career research opportunity newsletter.

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