Application Deadline: 

Apply here by January 24th, 2022


$500 in funding will be granted to all fellows who complete their research project or clearly demonstrate that they invested at least sixty hours into the project.

An additional $500 will be awarded to the fellow who created the best original research according to guidelines laid out on this document, one award will be given per semester.


  • Member of Effective Altruism UW-Madison
  • Completion of semester long Introduction to Effective Altruism fellowship, Good Futures Fellowship, Effective Animal Advocacy Fellowship or AGI Safety Fundamentals Program

Selection Criteria: 

Our Research Committee will make selections based on:

  • Pertinence of project proposal to ideology of Effective Altruism 
  • Quality of research proposal 
  • Achievability of research outcome within proposed timeline 
  • Degree to which research need is demonstrated 

Awardees may also apply without a research proposal and collaborate with another awardee. If accepted this does not impact grant size, but awardees with original research proposals are preferred. 

Conditions of the Award:

  • Awardee must demonstrate an investment of 60 hours or more into their research project
  • Awardee must attend bi-weekly meetings to provide updates to organizers on their research progress 
  • Awardee must attend weekly awardee coworking sessions. (accommodations can be made for scheduling conflicts)
  • Awardees must publicize their research in some way. This could be a post on the EA Forum or a submission to UW-Madison's Undergrad Journal, or any other reputable platform.
  • Awardee must prepare a 10-15 minute presentation on their research to be presented at an end-of-the-year conference on April 23rd.

Application Process:

Submit completed research proposals to this form by 11/28/2022

You will hear back from us regarding the status of your application by 12/05/2022

Research Fellowship Application: 

Note: If you are concerned your proposal isn't sufficiently EA relevant, don't hesitate to reach out to us beforehand. 

  • Project proposal consisting of 1.5-2 (700-1000 words) double-spaced pages with at least 1 inch margins and 11-12pt font. All proposals should include the following information: 
    • Background paragraph establishing the basis for your research and the existing state of research around the topic(s)
    • Introduction detailing the originality and significance of the research 
    • Methods section for your research detailing the means by which you mean to collect and analyze the obtained information 
    • Timeline of completion for the project 
    • Concluding paragraph
    • References (if necessary) 

Please email [email protected] for any questions or inquiries on the details of your proposal. Thank you for your interest! 

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