Executive Team

Members of our executive team commit about 10 hours per week or more to the organization.

  • Photo of Reid Kuenzi

    Reid Kuenzi


    Reid is a fourth year undergraduate student studying Electrical Engineering with a focus in Machine Learning and Data Science. He has been a member of EAUW Leadership since his second semester sophomore year after participating in an Intro to Effective Altruism Fellowship. Within EAUW, he helps with outreach, events planing, and leading intro to EA Fellowship groups. His current career goal is to work in AI Governance: the field of creating policies to ensure that Artificial Intelligence technology is used in a safe and ethical way. Some of his hobbies include sailing, reading, and wide ranging philosophical conversations with friends. He is passionate about educating and inspiring people to strategically use their careers to create as much positive change in the world as possible.

  • Photo of Holly West

    Holly West


    Holly is a senior studying Economics and International Studies with a certificate in Art History. She is especially interested in reducing extreme global poverty and the fight against preventable diseases. Outside EA, she enjoys yoga, going for walks and hikes, trying new recipes, and hanging out with friends.

  • Photo of Ryan Blum

    Ryan Blum


    Ryan is a sophomore pursuing a degree in Life Sciences Communication, global health, and food systems. Although he is interested in a variety of existential risks among the EA community, his main focus is on ones involving the use of animals, hence his role in Animal Advocacy UW. He is a strong advocate for adopting a sentiocentric world view, working to abolish animal farming and minimizing wild animal suffering. Ryan has recently begun a chapter of Allied Scholars for Animal Protection (ASAP) at UW-Madison, as well as founding the Alt Protein Project UW-Madison with his buddy Charlie Kotula, in conjunction with the Good Food Institute. In his spare time Ryan enjoys building model castles, soccer, and boardgames.

    Feel free to reach out for anything at [email protected].

  • Photo of Ben Hayum

    Ben Hayum


    Ben is a third-year student from New Jersey. He is double-majoring in Neurobiology and Data Science. He is interested in mental health, meditation, consciousness, intelligence, and futurism. He was planning on working in Brain-Computer Interfaces but now is looking to shift into AI Safety to more effectively combat existential risk. Furthermore, he always leaves the door open for entrepreneurial side ventures to do some extra good, as is reflected by the various projects he manages with us!

  • Photo of Harmon Bhasin

    Harmon Bhasin


    Harmon is a third-year studying Computer Science and Economics with a focus in Bioinformatics. His interests include biosecurity and entrepreneurship, and he’s done extensive research in machine learning.

  • Photo of Jeremy Kintana

    Jeremy Kintana


    Jeremy is a second-year student studying Computer Science. He's interested in software engineering, improving mental health, and learning theory. He's currently exploring how to orient his career with positive impact in mind. In his spare time he enjoys reading, running, philosophical conversations, and participating in hackathons.

  • Alumni and Affiliates

  • Photo of Michel Justen

    Michel Justen


    Michel co-founded EA UW in Fall 2020 after hearing a podcast episode, as one does. Together with Lenni, his twin, and the help of early organizers he shaped it to be the group it is today — which is hopefully still a group of standout people committed to leaving the world better than they entered it. As of this writing, he is finishing up his degrees in Neurobiology and Psychology remotely in Berkeley, where he’s working full time on improving EA infrastructure and skilling up in grant-making and AI alignment. But, if you ask him what he’s doing now, it will almost certainly be something new (rumor has it). He’s happy to chat with all EA UW members!

  • Photo of Lenni Justen

    Lenni Justen


    Lenni co-founded EA UW–Madison together with his brother in 2020 when he was a sophomore. Together, with a wonderful team of dedicated people, he helped create a community of people in Madison inspired to do good in the world. Lenni graduated from UW–Madison in 2022 with a B.S. in Physics and Political Science. He now works on biosecurity issues as a research assistant in Kevin Esvelt’s lab at MIT.

  • Photo of Aaron Yarmel

    Aaron Yarmel


    Aaron Yarmel (PhD, MSc, MA) is the Associate Director of the Center for Ethics and Human Values at The Ohio State University. His research focuses on two-level utilitarianism, social change, and philosophy for children. Before moving to Ohio, he was the founding director of Madison Public Philosophy, a Philosophy for Children organization. He has been involved in the Effective Altruism movement since 2015 through his academic research, as a guest speaker and workshop presenter, and as an EAGx conference organizer.

  • Photo of Emma Cameron

    Emma Cameron


    Emma is currently the Director of Chapter Management at One for the World; a nonprofit focused on accessible, effective giving via undergraduate and graduate student chapters. Before joining One for the World, she spent four years running corporate campaigns and organizing with a distributed network of volunteers at Mercy For Animals, a global farmed animal protection nonprofit. She has been involved with the effective altruism movement since 2016 by organizing EA spaces and EAGxMadison, attending EA Global conferences, and working with affiliated animal advocacy organizations and groups. She welcomes chats with EA UW members or in person in Madison.

  • Photo of Kenneth Diao

    Kenneth Diao


    Kenneth is a fourth-year Industrial Engineering and Psychology Student. His primary aim in life is reducing the suffering of all beings, whether or not they happen to be human. He is particularly interested in the psychological factors that influence the development of the moral circle. He also looks to cultivate compassion, for the self and for others, because he believes that boundless compassion will lead to the greatest good being done. His hobbies include reading, making memes, and tennis.

  • Placeholder image for Meera Bradley

    Meera Bradley


    Meera is a second-year Computer Sciences major with an interest in machine learning and AI. They love reading novels and hiking. Meera is the resident community health point-person. If you have any concerns about something that has happened in the group, you can talk to them (or someone else on leadership if you're more comfortable with that). They are committed to helping make EA a welcoming and accessible space for people who identify as queer or disabled.

  • Photo of Casey Vetter

    Casey Vetter


    Casey (formerly Declan) is a senior studying English Linguistics, CS, History, and Japanese. She has been a member of the EA community since Summer 2021 and a leader at EA UW from Spring 2022 to Spring 2023, after which she moved to Japan. She grew up on a farm in rural Wisconsin with vegetarian parents and has actually never eaten meat. She cares deeply about improving the happiness, physical health, and mental health of all sentient species and wants to spend her life working on those issues. She also has prosopagnosia (more commonly known as "face blindness") so although she loves meeting people, she is usually unable to recognize anyone.

  • Photo of James Alvin

    James Alvin


    James is a fourth-year majoring in Biochemistry, Neurobiology, and Economics. He's particularly interested in mental health as an EA cause area as well as longtermist and transhumanist research, specifically involving neural mechanisms and consciousness. Outside EA, he researches neurodegenerative diseases and works as an EMT, and his hobbies include volleyball, ultimate frisbee, and wilderness camping.

  • Photo of Akhil Polamarasetty

    Akhil Polamarasetty


    Akhil is a Computer Sciences graduate student and Teaching Assistant at UW–Madison with a Bachelor's in Computer Science from Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati and over four years of professional experience as a software engineer developing network management applications. He has been actively involved with the effective altruism community for over 2 years now through the facilitation of virtual programs. He is especially interested in reducing existential risks from Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) and Engineered Pandemics.

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